Molecular Nanotechnology

Sub-atomic nanotechnology (MNT) envelops a wide scope of uses in the field of science, drug, hardware and research. It has the capacity of recovering the capacity of a material to react different materials distinctively for instance Nano sensors are perhaps the greatest development of atomic nanotechnology, these sensors have the capacity in them to react the harmful and live sparing medications in an unexpected way. Savvy materials and instruments, reproducing robots, restorative Nano robots every one of these gadgets have atomic plan in them. Atomic Nanotechnology has extraordinary effect to the various divisions of work. Its significant advantage is its extra nuclear hardware and gadgets which are increasingly steady. The view of mechanosynthesis is the result of atomic nanotechnology, which is critical in the portions of gadgets.


  • Development of fibre-optic glasses in Molecular Nanotechnology
  • Electrochemistry in micro and Nano fluids
  • Nano molecular Engineering
  • In-situ growth of Nanoparticles in Molecular Nanotechnology
  • Nanotechnology in chemistry
  • Hybrid carbon based nanomaterials for electrochemical detection of biomolecules

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