Nano membranes

Nanomembranes are regularly produced using natural polymer based nanocomposites with a thickness under 100nm. Such nanomembranes incorporate natural polymers joined with a work of silica nanoparticles. The measure of the openings in the work limits or permits the section of various estimated atoms. Nanomembranes are generally created utilizing Layer-by-Layer (LbL) get together techniques. This technique give exact control over the in plane structure of the film and takes into account the option of a scope of segments to be added to the layer. These parts incorporate nanoparticles and nanotubes that can tailor the mechanical, optical and electronic properties of the nanomembrane.


  • Carbon nanomembrane
  • Biological membrane
  • Synthetic membranes
  • Nanofiltration
  • Microfiltration

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